Psychedelic Finance – Feature: Christopher J. Moreau | Chief Executive Officer, Algernon Pharmaceuticals

Feature: Christopher J. Moreau | Chief Executive Officer, Algernon Pharmaceuticals

Mr. Moreau is the CEO of Algernon Pharmaceuticals Inc. and a member of the company’s board of directors. With over 30 years of executive management experience overall, including 15 years in CEO roles, he has proven achievements in operations management, acquisitions, licensing, and integration. Mr. Moreau also has significant experience managing biotechnology research programs, and a deep expertise in business development and capital markets, having raised more than $50 million. He has also been featured on numerous business television and social media interviews, and is a highly skilled communicator and sought-after speaker, recently appearing as a guest Lecturer for the University of East London, Pharmacology program.

How did you first become interested in psychedelics and see DMT as an opportunity for new, novel medical treatments?

In December of 2021, a large shareholder in Algernon approached me and asked if I was aware of the investor interest and activity in the psychedelic space because he thought Algernon should get involved in some way.

I met with my science and research team and said “let’s have a look but we won’t proceed unless there is a pure pharma play available.” By a pharma play, I mean a clear indication, potential regulatory approval (label for an indication) and a solid intellectual property position, all of which we now have with our DMT for stroke research program.

What is the mission of Algernon Pharmaceuticals?

To investigate and develop drugs for indications with unmet clinical needs for the treatment of global disease indications.

Why did you choose to pursue DMT as your lead candidate for stroke treatment?

When we started to look at the literature, DMT was shown to increase neuroplasticity in a number of preclinical research studies. In addition there was what I would call a seminal study of DMT in a rat stroke model which showed that DMT reduced infarct volume in the brain (area of damage)…

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