The Dales Report – Why Psychedelic Treatments Will Benefit Investors and Healthcare

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Is Drug Repurposing the new breakthrough for faster approval of Psychedelic-assisted treatments?

In this TDR Psychedelic Exclusive, we speak with the CEO of Algernon Pharmaceuticals (CNSX: AGN) (OTC: AGNPF) Christopher Moreau who explains the company’s recent announcement involving a Phase 2 trial with DMT pertaining to Traumatic Brain Injury, otherwise known as TBI, which will strengthen the potential of DMT’s healing effects in supporting the brain’s natural rewiring functions to recover from TBIs like stroke.

The company’s advancements are towards drug repurposing for new disease applications, and Moreau expounds how this is a crucial phase not just for DMT and pharmaceutical industries, but also for investors specifically on funding, monetization, Phase 3 results which will be the leverage of investors, and clearer path on Psychedelics moving forward.

In addition, we discuss 2023 strategies and future announcements needed to happen in the industry to create a turning point for institutions to become interested in investing in the space, why it’s worth diving into the industry, and what kind of data Big Pharma will want to see in order to sponsor Phase 2 and Phase 3 trials.